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ISSN: 1552-7050
Dear Visitor,

Welcome to ouragora, an online forum dedicated to promoting discussion and creativity. We are a gathering ground, acropolis, front porch, coffee table, camp fire and street corner for ideas. As Athens' people gathered, spoke, and grew with one another in their ancient agora, so do we gather with one another to discuss, learn from, and create today's ideas. Artist, readers, and writers (regardless of age, education, politics, creed, gender and nationality) publish their own work, and are encouraged to respect and critique each other's work, at

Through this project we hope to:
  1. Explore the space between polarized opinions and principles to find ground that nurtures unity within diversity;
  2. Enjoy the pleasures inherent in admiring and discussing arts of the imagination, hand, ear, and eye;
  3. To build an educational and creative network that, in turn, generates further education and creation.
Please, engage this forum - your participation is warmly anticipated.

So enough chatter: browse the libraries and art gallery, join any discussions that interests you, and freely send us any questions, comments, concerns or insights.

With care,
Nick and Mike