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Published:  May 1, 2005

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Author:  Nils Vik
Nils Vik is an artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba. More of his work can be viewed at
7 Photographs
by Nils Vik
I take pictures because life through a lens sometimes looks prettier. Despite the cliche - it's all in your focus. seeing beauty is somewhat of a choice, you just have to try and see good in what your eyes land upon. I think I take pictures of things that otherwise would be overlooked. I don't have a flash for my camera, and i use the cheapest film you can buy from the grocery store, and i get it finished at the grocery store. I use a canon ae1 that my dad let me use for a school project when I was in grade 9. I never gave it back, he doesn't seem to mind. I've got a 28mm and a 50mm lens, some macro filters, a polarizer, a camera bag and a telephoto lens that I've used twice, so it's lying in the closet of my Dad's office 1.5 hours north east of where I am writing this.

This is at a train station in Goteborg sweden where I was boarding a train that would take me away from my girlfriend (now wife) for 2 months.

Mail in Norway looks pretty.

I was at a youth conference in Larvik, Norway for the Nordic Vineyard Churches... I found a crosswalk, I took a picture of it, it spoke better Norwegian than I ever could.

For a month I took my camera with me every time I was going to take a bus and I made a collection of photos entitled "I like to ride the bus." I found the bus to be a very beautiful and reflective time. I think everyone should enjoy riding the bus.

Buses are beautiful.

An escalator under Portage & Main St. in Winnipeg, Manitoba, this picture was taken when I first started really getting into photography.

This is the bottom half of an illuminated cross on the side of a hospital near the emergency room. The longest time spent waiting in a hospital ever happens just seconds away from this shot... Health care in Canada is thought to be good, I guess it is if you're patient and have 5 hours to wait around for a doctor just to tell you that you might have a mild concussion.