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Published:  January 14, 2008

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Author:  Mauled By A Cougar
Mauled By A Cougar is Jason Roe, Cerena Collins, and Michael Bryant stranded, sheltered in a sunken cave, making music with pieces of treasure scattered round a happened upon battered ship.
Mauled By A Cougar
by Mauled By A Cougar
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Listen to "Pirate" by Mauled by a Cougar. If you are having trouble listening to the song, download the song.

One year ago, Mauled by a Cougar began with Jason Roe and Cerena Collins' collaboration. Within the year, the band fashioned a fanciful experience of arts grounded in real-life-story-lyrics, brought the musical styling of Michael Bryant on-board, and created this e.p.

The e.p. is composed of four songs and framed in a glue-gummed, construction papered, tea steeped piece of art: one part of these musicians' wimisical, handcrafted experience, which is (in short) a map. The band's goal is to inspire friends and fellow artists to bring their creative ideas to life through motivation and friendship. It is the stuff that dreams are made of - be inspired.

See for yourself at Mauled by a Cougar's upcoming show:

19 Jan 2008, 09:00 PM
3716 Camp Bowie Blvd., Fort Worth, Texas 76107
Cost : Free

Photos by Joshua Davis.