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Published:  October 4, 2008

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Author:  Ouragora Staff
The Ouragora staff collaborated to compose this perspective.
by Ouragora Staff

"Tiebreaker was prolific. We were in the belly of the whale then and quite comfortable. Cigarettes. The love-chase. A splay of shots on the rhodes, one spilled, when the song ended Jones swallowed all five, then another, a whiskey sour splash on Roe's appalachian mountain shaker, and they still somehow carried us through two a.m. beautifully. On those nights, most of us questioned the sanity of leaving that whale's protective carriage. Some of you may remember those Sunday nights at 7th Haven – shuffleboard, music, fellowship. A guarantee of LaMonica's silver voiced poetics backed by keys and kicks that palpated to the pulse of our generation. As with most good things, Tiebreaker's minor movement ended with the stroke that started it, but continues in the memory and the music of those who were inspired by it.

"A Minor Miracle" offers us more than a great record that celebrates the enigmatic charisma and skill of singer songwriter John LaMonica. His lyrics still drip with that sentiment that plucks heartstrings, the songs are riddled with samples and programming that remain innovative and diverse amidst the current digitized trend ('Sons and Daughters'), and you will find yourself alone quietly humming his melodies, again ('Sweet Memory'). But this record also offers us a living memory of the spontaneous collective that formed Tiebreaker. Like a Faulkner novel or Tortoise record, the collection of each part of the record is greater than the sum of the whole. The record possesses a raw, fragmented quality, made of songs that don't always seem to agree with one another, as if a number of ideas from different periods of life were pulled together and bound around one spine. Each fragment, each unique musician, each 7th Haven Sunday, each vocal layer, beat and melody, compose the value of Tiebreaker's minor miracle. Thank you! to Doll House Records for gathering these fragments into an album that will be remembered and enjoyed."